3R3C2022 cover page

The 12th International 3R-3C meeting, originally scheduled for November 2022, is now expected to be rescheduled for November 2024, with the following additional details. We will inform you again when the date and venue are fixed.

Date: 18-22 November 2024
Venue: ACROS Fukuoka, Fukuoka City, Kyushu.
Main organizer:
Tsutomu Katayama (Kyushu University)
Masatoshi Fujita (Kyushu University)
Tatsuro Takahashi (Kyushu University)
Hitoshi Kurumizaka (The University of Tokyo)
Kunihiro Ohta (The University of Tokyo)

What's New

2022.09.26 Web site is announced.
2022.07.19  Web site is announced.
2021.11.26  Web site is announced.

Contact information
If you have any quetions, please feel free to contact to info_a_3R3C2022.org; (please exchange "_a_" to @)